The BRIC Platform allows the integration of externally hosted partner applications, providing flexibility and centralizing information for the community resilience network. Users can submit an app resource to the BRIC Platform, which can then be validated for compatibility and usefulness. 

You will find the list of partner applications available.

The following partner apps are already integrated:

ArcGIS StoryMap : Allows the creation of immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and multimedia content.

WebMap/WebApp : Provides an interactive display of geographic information to tell stories and answer questions.

OgoxeApp : Enables all members of the public, risk managers, and local officials to view real-time data and information on environmental risks, supporting better risk management and decision-making.

FORT tool : Allows members of the public, flood wardens, and councillors to report flooding.

These partner applications add valuable functionality to the BRIC Platform and provide a comprehensive resource website for the community resilience network. If you have other partner apps that are useful for your community and you wish for it to be integrated onto the BRIC platform, please click on the button submit, and fill in the reauired information. 

Ogoxe App

OgoxeApp, is an IoT management, information and decision support application. OgoxeApp offers a smart and resilient flood information and monitoring solution for individuals, businesses and local authorities. The application provides real-time access to a wide range of environmental data essential for making decisions during natural disasters. OgoxeApp allows individuals and organizations to monitor environmental risks and to be informed of impending risks through email, SMS, or call.


The Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) allows members of the public, flood wardens, and councillors to report flooding. The intelligence gathered can determine the probable sources of flooding and identify which flood RMA is likely to act as lead. Reporting is an important trigger for Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) involvement. The system can automatically send reports to relevant authorities, linking communities with the RMA who can work with them to increase their resilience