PageBuilder: Page Preview and Publish, Result and End

Video ending


In this video, we will show you the last steps to finalize the creation of your content on the Bric platform and we will remind you of the importance of saving at each step.

Throughout this series of tutorials, you have learned how to use the "Page Builder" to create dynamic and captivating pages. You've learned how to add sections, text blocks, images and more to format your content the way you want.

In this final video, we'll walk you through the final steps to polishing your content. We'll show you how to preview your page to make sure everything is to your liking. You'll also learn how to tweak the final details so your content is perfectly aligned with your goals.

Finally, we will remind you of the importance of saving your work at each stage. The "Page Builder" of the Bric platform is designed so that you can work smoothly and intuitively, but it is still essential to save regularly to avoid data loss.


We would like to thank you for accompanying us throughout this series of tutorials on the "Page Builder". We hope you will continue to use this powerful feature to create outstanding content on the Bric platform.