Quick start guide: SurveyApp

12 steps to create your survey:

Step 1:

Click on "community sites" and choose the site you want to work on.

Step 2:

Click on Surveys then on the “edit” icon at the top right

Step 3:

Click on “our surveys” then “+add” at the top right (orange button)

Step 4:

Fill the  required fields to continue. You can add visuals on the right and activate the comment section specific to this survey. This gives the opportunity to exchange and make the survey more interactive and attractive to your public. 

Step 5:

Click add a question to start the survey:

  • If you are only waiting for one answer: select drop-down list or single choice.
  • If you expect multiple answers: select multiple choice and multiple choice boxes.
  • If you are waiting for an evaluation rating: select rating
  • Finally if you expect a detailed answer: select question answer.

You have the possibility to customize the presentation (change the appearance on the right, choose the color and opacity and put an image).

Step 6:

Fill in your questions to create your survey.

On the left the structure of the survey the questions.

Note that the "name" at the top and in the left column is only visible to administrators for orientation.

You have the possibility to put the questions in public so that the statistics associated with this question are revealed to the user at the end of the survey.

Step 7:

Click on the "preview" tab to view the user version

Step 8:

Click share to choose other community sites you wish to share this survey with.

Step 9:

Click on the eye icon to view the entire survey.

Step 10:

Click on the printer icon if you want to have a printable version of the survey.

Step 11:

Back to "our surveys":

1 : allows you to edit the content

2 : allows access to the statistics of your survey

3 : allows you to view the results

Step 12:

You can also click on shared surveys to access the templates already present but also to access the surveys shared by other communities with you.

Note that it is possible to duplicate the survey, so you dont have to start from scratch and edit it to adapt it to your community.

Les statistiques du sondage

Ici retrouvez les statistiques, les resultats et la fonctionnalité feedback pour mettre des commentaires à l'écrit pour améliorer/ modifier par la suite le contenu.